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So I will be the first one to say I am not a crafty person. Creative yes ..... crafty no. Needless to say I was super proud of the centerpieces that my mom and I created for my wedding. The theme is Alice in Wonderland so I was shooting for a tea party feel for the recpetion. I decided I really wanted some Mad Hatter top hats for the centerpieces. After scouring youtube videos, pinterest and etsy and could not find what I wanted. Don't get me wrong there were lots of cute ones out there, but they were small and this was the centerpiece. Warning! Not the best photos since this was a last minute decision to blog them. On that note here is how I came up wth my very own Mad Hatter hats!

  • Kid's plastic sand bucket (roughly 9 inches)
  • 12 inch plastic dinner plate
  • 9 inch plastic dinner plate
  • Fabric cut into squares (14x14 inches, 12x12 inches and 10x25 inches)
  • Hot glue guns
  •  Lots and lots of decorative flowers, butterflies, ribbons and feathers
Side note: Got totally lucky and most the materials were on clearance or the buckets are just cheap 
in general so the base cost roughly $3.50

First thing first. You have to glue the smaller (9in) plate to the top of the bucket. This will help cover up the spout and nodges on the side. All you have to do is use a standard glue gun to line the inside of the bucket and then plop the plate in the center. the glue does dry qiuckly so you have about 30 seconds to get it adjusted.

Next you take the 10 inch square of fabric. (I chose a very stretchy jersey cotton fabric.) Drape the fabric over the top plate and cut off the corners so the fabric is more circular. Then glue the edges of the fabric toe the edge of the bucket. Remember to pull it tight so you get a nice flat top.

Next step is probably the hardest. I think it took us 3 tries to final get a system that worked. Putting the fabric around the actual bucket. The best way is to start by gluing the large square of fabric (10x25 inches) around the edge of the plate which will cover the loose fabric already there. 

Once you glue it all the way around take the top edge, stretch the fabric so it is tight and glue it to the bottom of the bucket. Work your way around and remember to pull tightly to eliminate bunching. Once you make it almost all the way around pull the bottom flap and cut it straight. Side note when you get to the end you need to create a dart and tuck it under the lip of the bucket.

Once you get the hard part out of the way there is only two more steps before the fun part. The bottom plate. Super easy stretch the fabric and glue it to the bottom of the 12 inch dinner plate. Cut the excess fabric off the bottom of the plate and then glue the top and bottom pieces together. 

Now that you have the base all done decorate to your hearts content!


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