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I have missed the memo

January 28, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
So lately I have been reading a lot of negativity about how to pose certain body types or the "best" way to capture certain events. Well apparently I have missed the memo on quite a few of these. I have compiled a list of things the top 3 things that according to a lot of negative people are "wrong" but that I find fundementally right.

1.) Never have a girl over a size 4 sit for her photos.

Ok this I have a major problem with. Poses can be done by anyone and they can look beautiful! Neither of these girls are the stereotypical model body type (I mean really who is?) and with the right posing they pull of beauty and confidence. I know that mid-sections are a huge concern with girls and women. We pretty much all have a roll of two that we try and cover any way possible. The model on the left is a gorgeous senior that I got the opportunity to shoot and by pushing the leg into the foreground of the photo and adding the arms to create visual interest your eye is drawn up the line created to her beautiful face. The girl on the left is one of my closest and beautiful friend who let me do her photos for her college graduation. Now hardley anyone looks good if you sit them in a crosslegged position so it helps to tweak the pose by swinging the legs out to one side. This creates the illusion of a long body which tricks the eye into a slimmer profile. She is also creating a slimmer angle by having her hips sit further back and twisting her shoulders to the camera. So remember sitting is comfortable so pull up some grass and look hot.

2.) Newborns should be sleeping.

Well I admit that when they are newborns they are easier to work with asleep because they are super squirmmy, but they are babies and babies do what they want. Plus I mean babies have some of the most stunning eyes. I do love the typical newborn poses like where they are propped up on their arms or curled up on their folded arms, but I am a sucker for a good close up. When they are awake they do like to move but that is ok. This little guy gave me some priceless facial expressions. So sleeping or awake you can capture some great memories of their first days.

3.) Families should be posed close together.

Families are probably one of my absolute favorite things to shoot. Of course you need shots of everyone close together, let's face it if you are making small prints that is the best way to go so you can get the most out of a small space. But c'mon people where is your sense of adventure or at the very least your interest in creativity. I believe a little space between the subjects gives more visual interest then a standard everyone group together and smile. Like I said before I get their place and I always provide those for my clients. FOr example on the left I love the kids in the foreground showing off their personalities with the parents slightly out of focus in the background. This captures the family in a different light. The family on the right is a large family and by creating some space it is easier to determine the individual familes that make up the large group.

That is my 2 cents on three different approaches. Do you agree or disagree? 


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